Friday, December 19, 2014

Weekly Topic: Antarctica

Due to our holiday schedule, our school actually covered this in a space of only two days.  Furthermore, we varied the lesson a little, studying both the Arctic and Antarctic.

Topics and activities we covered included:
  • The polar ice caps (geography)
  • Cardinal directions (geography)
    • I drew and copied a compass rose that looked similar to the one found here:
      We practiced directions on the whiteboard, then students filled out the worksheet.
  • Making a Walrus mask (art)
    • I used this model as my inspiration:
      I drew out the shapes on colored paper and had the children cut out their own masks.  I helped with the eye holes, and they assembled the pieces with glue.
  • Melting activity (science)
    • We didn't actually get a chance to do this, but the idea is to bring in a pan filled with ice.  You use different substances (water, sugar, sold, etc.) to see which melts the ice fastest.
  • Cutting snowflakes (fine motor)
    • We made six-pointed snowflakes (which look much nicer!).  You can find the instructions here:
      TIPS: Use big paper, as safety scissors have difficulty cutting through the folded paper.  Also, it helped a lot for me to draw lines on the folded paper so the students could see where to cut.
  • Northern Lights
    • We did not get to this in our classroom, but one of the other teachers painted this for the students.
  • Southern Ocean
    • Studied sea life in the Southern Ocean, did a matching activity.
  • Penguin craft
    • Cut out shapes, had the students assemble in their own way and draw in a background.  I liked the creativity that emerged.  Some folded the penguin's arms and made them look grumpy, others were waving, still others were standing still.

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