Friday, December 19, 2014

Monthly Theme: Life Cycles

Our school covered life cycles in April as a springtime topic.  You may not think that life cycles could cover a whole month, but they were surprisingly enjoyable.  If you are wondering how or why the animals were chosen, they were picked to go along with this series of Life Cycle books that the school had on hand.  Our lesson plans were to follow the following weekly template:

Week 1: Animals and Birds
- kangaroos
- chickens
- fox
- penguins

Week 2: Insects
- Bee
- Caterpillar
- Spider

Week 3: Plants
- sunflower
- peanut
- acorn/oak tree
- field trip to park

Week 4: Reptiles and Fish
- snake
- tadpole
- seahorses
- sharks

You can click on any week for more specific activities and resources.

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