Friday, December 19, 2014

Monthly Theme - Jobs and Occupations

In March our school covered jobs.  This was also a really fun month for many of the children as there was a lot of role playing and side-activities involved.  It was not hard to come up with activities for the lessons.  The weeks were divided as follows:

Week 1: Safety Professions
- fireman
- police, judge
- security, keys
- review fire, earthquake drills
- doctor, nurse, ambulance

Week 2: Public Service Occupations
- make job chart
- mail man
- banking, money
- dentist
- recycling, trash collection
- teacher

Week 3: Artistic Jobs
- authors, book making
- artist, sculpting, color
- musician, instruments, sound, beat
- actor/actress, class fairy tail production

Week 4: Outdoor & Environmental Jobs
- tour guide, archeologist
- fisherman
- park ranger, conservationist

Sample activities are listed under each section.

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