Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Monthly Theme: Continents of the World

Our school covers different themes each month.  For January, we are using a Geography focus.  We divided up the continents into five blocks as follows:

Week 1: Antarctica (note: this was a short week for us - only two days!)
Week 2: Africa
Week 3: North and South America
Week 4: Europe
Week 5: Asia

You'll quickly note a few things:
1. That's a lot to cover in a short time!
2. Where is Australia?

If you wanted, I think you could easily devote a full week to each continent, and perhaps make this a two month study by adding in a lesson about the earth/globe and a lesson about the worlds oceans.  So far though, a week on each continent has not been too bad.  We divide each day up into sub-themes: people, culture, geography, animals, etc.

I'm going to be posting some of my lesson materials for each of the weeks listed above.

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